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    Master of Science in Accounting and Auditing

    Welcome to our home page

    On behalf of the School, I would like to welcome you to the MSc in Accounting and Auditing of the department of Accounting and Finance of the Technological Education Institution (TEI) of Western Macedonia.

    The MSc Accounting and Auditing was launched in the spring semester of the academic year 2014-2015, it is recognized by the state equally to any other postgraduate programme of upper education universities and issues the title of Master of Science (MSc) in “Accounting and Auditing”.

    The programme is eligible for candidates that own an undergraduate degree from a university of economics, without excluding graduates from different disciplines, either from universities of Greece or overseas. The organization and structure of Greek economy, with its wide number of small businesses, in combination with the crisis and the subsequent limited resources has led to a quest for qualified executives of administration and economics, able to cover, among others, the needs of a business regarding the taxation and auditing. Our postgraduate programme, allowing categories of its alumni to become members of the Economic Chamber of Greece, is one of the best choices of education and training not only for graduates from schools of economics but for graduates from different academic backgrounds as well, who can further develop their skills by receiving a scientific expertise on matters of accounting and auditing with the aim of providing a high level recruitment in the private or public sector.

    The high quality experience of education and research is guaranteed through a group of highly trained and specialized professors, owners of a PhD diploma with recognized research and teaching experience, through the department’s library and the other infrastructures of TEI of Western Macedonia, as well as through the collaboration with specialized scientists and market technocrats.

    We can ensure you that the MSc Accounting and Auditing will act as a springboard for the integration of its graduates to the competitive job market or the continuance of their academic and scientific career.

    Every staff member is committed to respond to the needs and demands of the programme with great efficiency, in order to accomplish all the objectives consistently.

    The Master of Science in “Accounting and Auditing” of the Department of Accounting and Finance of TEI of Western Macedonia was founded according to the Government Gazette 295/ 27-2-2015/ issue B.

    We hope our website will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the structure and the operation of the programme. For further information regarding the Department, please contact us.

    Head of Department

    Dr. Nicolaos Sariannidis

    Associate Professor




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